[ New Orleans LA 2010 ]

The Tree of Life at the Audubon Park in New Orleans.
Wise oak, believed to be in between 100-500 years old.
Welcome climbers and giraffe watchers.

Photographed taken with a home-made pinhole camera.

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Nieves Saah





















[ Williamsburg, Brooklyn MAY 2015 ]

I met the artist Nieves Saah a year and a half ago in a program for Spanish artists settled in New York,
which the Spanish Consulate offered in collaboration with NY Foundation for the Arts.
From the beginning I was captivated by her simplicity,
but later I learnt through her paintings that I was with a deep person, and full of stories to discover.
Nieves was born in the same Basque village as I did.

A few days ago, I saw Nieves in “FOR YOU”; a sort film directed by the Spanish Daniel Diosdado
and my heart flipped over with her performance.
She reminded me of my father, her expression was the same of his.
I contacted Nieves to take a portrait of her; following the interior necessity of capturing that face,
and to get to see my father again.

Thank you Nieves.

Today my father would be 69. Feliz Cumpleaños Papá.


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Marina’s Song

Pleased to announce I am taking part of the BxArts Factory’s Fundraising;
an international, so local, small format exhibit.

Gun Hill Brewing Company: 3227 Laconia Ave, Bronx NY 10469
Saturday, April 18th from 5 to 10 pm


Marina’s Song is a tribute to the sound of the sea.

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Camino de Santiago, Spain

Via_Plata_01     Via_Plata_02

Via_Plata_03     Via_Plata_04

Via_Plata_05     Via_Plata_06

Via_Plata_07     Via_Plata_08

Via_Plata_09     Via_Plata_10

Via_Plata_11     Via_Plata_12

Via_Plata_13     Via_Plata_14

Via_Plata_15     Via_Plata_16

Via_Plata_17     Via_Plata_18

Via_Plata_19     Via_Plata_20

Via_Plata_21     Via_Plata_22

Via_Plata_23     Via_Plata_24

Via_Plata_25     Via_Plata_26

Via_Plata_27     Via_Plata_28

[ Vía de la Plata MAYO-JUNIO 2014 ]

Fernando Quinto, Angelita y Paco, Félix y Charo, Mamá, Antonio, Monique y Bruno, las Carmelitas, Mª José, Fernandi y Alonso, André, Sarah, Ana la hospitalera, José (Pepe), el Padre D. Luis, Supermaría y César, Carlota, Alfon y Ernesto, Ángel Espinosa, Javier, Reyes de Extrenature, Alain, Mari Cruz y Chuchi, Giuseppe, Manuela y Máximo, Antonio y su lobito, Alejandro, el Padre Blas, Marie-Héléne, Leonor, Eusebio el guía, Jose Luis, Nancy, Almeida, Xaquin, Jesús, Craig y Dorotea, Maria la alemana, Fernando y Mari Carmen, Luis y Manuel, Maria la argentina, Paquita y su hijo Diego, José Luis de Ourense, Tomás, Matthew, Javier y Tessa, Fr. Luis Felipe, Esmeralda.

Beatitude #3
Blessed you are pilgrim if contemplating the way you discover it full of names, and sunrises.

OASIS best short film


[ APRIL 2013 ]

After her husband dies, Nieves inherits his job as the super of a decaying apartment complex in New York City.
The job becomes more difficult than anticipated when she discovers a disturbing secret in one of the units.

Directed by Carmen Jiménez
Written by Carmen Jiménez in collaboration with Chris Boyce
Produced by Chris Boyce
Director of photography Sean Porter
Production design Neslihan Arslan
Edited by Javier Loarte, Carmen Jiménez and Ferran Mendoza
Wardrobe design Rocío López
Music Julia Kent
Production sound Brian Flood
Sound editing Kiyoshi Osawa
Trailer edited by
Luke Malone
Set photographer Vicky Azcoitia

Seville European Film Festival – Nov. 2014



















[ APRIL 2013 ]

NIEVES stands in front of TONY, 35, who sits at a desk.

Nieves, I’m sorry, mami. I know you
are going through a very difficult
time. But, I told you already,
without Luis, our arrangement is no
longer possible. I’m going to need
you to find a new place.

Try me.

There’s more than just cleaning
here. We are renovating apartments.
That’s a man’s job.

Trust me.

Tony looks at Nieves, hesitant. She looks at him, pleading.

. . .

Written and directed by Carmen Jiménez


The Coldest Winter

Coldest Winter

[ WINTER 2013-14 ]

I say goodbye
to the coldest winter
in thirty four years.
To the swirling winds
and their bitter appeal.
To the waning sun
hollow at its blinding core.
To the sooty snow
and its crystalized pore.
To the ice ringed shores
of a snowbound lake.
To the fleeting wonder
at the falling flake.
So come!
Raise a glass and bring cheer!
And bid,
so long,
to the coldest winter in my thirty four years.
And I’d live it all again,
returning all of these tears.
If only just to see you.
If only just to hear
about the coldest winter
in your sixty seven years.

-In Memorium

Rising Waters

Damned Van

[ NOVEMBER 2012 ]

Pleased to be invited to exhibit my work about Sandy;
the superstorm that moved into the New York metropolitan area
and altered physically and psychologically the region, and its people.

Rising Waters: Photographs of Hurricane Sandy, is an exhibition co-organized by:
the International Center of Photography and the Museum of the City of New York.

Museum of City of New York
1220 Fifth Avenue
Through March 31st 2014



Music has different meanings for different people; its significance can be compared with patterns in Nature. Music is unique in each person’s life. Real musicians eat, breathe, and live music; it is their passion. Music is their life, as photography is to a photographer.

Music is one of the most complete wonders we share in life. Music is science as it is specific and demands exact acoustics, but it is also surprising as it can be improvised and you might not know what is next; a mystery! Music is also physical education, as it requires fantastic coordination. Music is a universal language: it is from everywhere, and its alphabet uses notes to represent ideas and feelings. And it has the power to be able to bridge cultures beyond intellect or reason, but heartfelt. Music is culture. But most of all, music is art. It allows humans to create. Music is, as much as silence, nature of inspiration. Music tells stories!

MUSIC IS PURE MAGIC. It is a wonderful gift for humanity. Music moves and soothes us, with its sounds, melodies and rhythms getting into our ears, minds and hearts. It makes us want to dance or sing. It stimulates. Music takes us to a world apart beyond self and ego, the heart-centre: a place of emotion that touches the soul.

For that, thank you, to all of you who brought music into our lives.

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