In/Out - Light/Dark: 
Women in the Heights and Art In Our Time

March 18, Opening Reception 7:30PM Online

April 1, Artist Talk 7:30PM Online ​Zoom Link​​​

From the series Cyanotypes of Natives:
Well after the pandemic had begun, beyond its casting a shadow on the promising early light of spring and having consumed midsummer, I felt a need to make peace with the growing anxiety of uncertainty through artistic expression. I set about collecting wildflowers at dawn to create cyanotypes with sunlight, producing silhouettes of light born from darkness. The positive response to a negative helped me to reconcile some of my feelings, reminding me that nature, like culture, nurtures us all.

Vicky Azcoitia Photography

Vicky Azcoitia is a Spanish documentary photographer based in New York. Her images document the relationship between people and nature. Strives to address the importance of our natural environment, as well as to foster its respect and renewal.
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