Based in New York City and the Catskills, Vicky Azcoitia is a documentary and editorial photographer whose work focuses on the natural environment and conservation advocacy. 

She studied Graphic Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid; worked as a freelance designer during years, and lately graphic editor. In 2010, she studied Documentary Photography at the International Center of Photography in NYC; where she also earned her Master in Professional Studies in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts, and received the honorable Paula Rhodes Memorial Award 2018 for exceptional achievement.

In 2017, her first collaboration with her partner as the writer, was published in Natural History Magazine (Rio Tinto and the Mines), and received a Grant for Excellent Report from the Friends of Natural History Foundation. Her long essay about fatherhood in our modern society: Pesqui and Papi, received an Honorable Mention in the Documentary & Reportage Category from the (12th) Julia Margaret Cameron Award 2018.

Vicky has published and exhibited her work internationally.

"I am inspired by nature’s beauty, its structures, and overwhelming complexity. The impact of today’s actions on all our tomorrows lies at the heart of my work. My images strive to address the importance of our natural environment, as well as to foster its respect and renewal"

Photograph by Kyle Hislip
New York City, 2018

Vicky Azcoitia Photography

Vicky Azcoitia is a Spanish documentary photographer based in New York. Her images document the relationship between people and nature. Strives to address the importance of our natural environment, as well as to foster its respect and renewal.
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